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Would you like to improve your singing? Increase your vocal range and volume? Try singing lessons with CVT: Complete Vocal Technique, an innovative singing method with excellent results. It works for every style, from classical to heavy metal. I teach and coach all types of singers, singing teachers and speech therapists how to use the voice in new ways and at the same time keep it healthy. Everybody with some singing experience and the desire to take a further step is welcome. Subjects we can work on:

  • Breathing and support
  • High/low notes
  • More/less volume
  • Vocal effects, such as vibrato, ornamentation, growl, vocal breaks and distortion
  • Improvisation / more freedom in singing
  • Anatomy and keeping the voice healthy

Book a trial lesson

A trial lesson is 45 minutes and costs 30 euro. Send an e-mail to

how does a lesson work?

First of all, choose the song(s) that you want to sing and work with during the lesson. Secondly, ask yourself what you would like to change or improve. Together we will look for the best tools to help you to achieve your goal. If you want to sing with instrumental accompaniment, look for a karaoke track online or bring it with you. During the lesson you can use a computer with Youtube and Spotify

lesson fee

Trial lesson 45 minutes: € 30,-
Private lesson 45 minutes: € 52,-
Package 5 lessons: 245,- (3 months valid)
Package 10 lessons: 460,- (6 months valid)

Prices include 21% VAT.
Students younger than 21 don’t have to pay VAT. The minimum age for lessons is 15/16.

Conditions Vocal Freedom 2022

Singing teacher Annemarie is an authorised CVT teacher. It means that she has followed a 3-year training + regular updates at Cathrine Sadolin’s Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen.

teaching hours and location

Wednesday (even weeks): 14.00 – 20.00
Location: Studio B, Grote Wittenburgerstraat 9b, Amsterdam

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